Tuesday, August 10th

9:30 am ~ BHS Gym

WEAR:  Black Bottoms, Black Top & Jazz or Tennis Shoes

Please upload your Most Recent Report Card & Complete the Online Application before Tuesday, August 10th.

For the audition, the applicants watch video posted below, learn routine, and attend the in person tryout on Aug. 10th.  Demonstrate technical ability for the dance elements required. The tryouts should last approximately one hour. Candidates should wear appropriate dance attire (see below). Keep in mind that there will be stretching, dancing, and kicking during tryout. If candidate meets all requirements, she or he will be asked to stay all day and workout with Belles during Boot Camp.  Bring a sack lunch.  Camp is over 4:00 pm.

Best of Luck!

Click HERE for application information

Complete the online application and upload report card HERE.

For more information – bellairebelles.org/belles-tryouts/

Questions?  EMAIL cdenman@houstonisd.org

Tryouts Video with Counts



Tryouts Video with Music