Belles Essentials

Here is everything you need to know to be a Belle.  


Performance Tryouts

  • Tryouts may be held for upcoming performances.
  • Tryouts may be defined as a formal auditioning process or general observation of the members by the director(s).
  • Each member is required to participate in tryouts. Provisions for auditions may be made for each excused absences on the day of formal auditions.


  • All members are required to attend all practices and performances whether performing or not. Tutoring sessions, work, and other extra-curricular activities must be scheduled outside of dance team practice (usually Monday and Thurs until 4:00pm).
  • Excused absences follow the students’ guidelines for excused school absences.
  • Members will be allowed 2 excused absences from practices for the semester without penalty. Excessive absences, even though excused may result in the loss of a position in a performance. Also absence from a practice may result in a lost position in the formation.
  • Absence from a dance team function due to detention is considered unexcused.
  • Members are expected to travel to and from dance team functions with the team if a bus is provided. A member may leave a function only with her parent/guardian (or a designated adult) if a note is received in advance. Members may not leave with boyfriends.
  • Members are expected to be in attendance for the entire event except in the case of an emergency. We will announce the departure time for Thursday night games.
  • During a football game, members must keep lines straight with bags and poms lined up as directed by the officers.
  • Students may not talk on cell phones during the game until directed to notify their transportation of pick-up times.
  • Only water may be consumed in the stands. During the third quarter break students may have clear drinks and non-messy food such as popcorn. No nachos or chili.
  • Members should make all arrangements with parents before the game or during the third quarter break. Students may not have visitors in the stands during the game.

Class Procedures

  • Arrive 6 minutes after tardy bell in correct attire and shoes.
  • Sit with your company/flight in designated area for roll call.
  • If you are not dressed correctly (including shoes), you will be penalized one point from your final grade each day.
  • During class time, grades on dance performance (memory/technique) will be given weekly.
  • Participation is required each day. Do not ask to sit out. If you are sick, you should be at home. Only doctor’s notes will be accepted for non-participation.
  • If you are repeatedly tardy, not dressed, or display a lack of effort, you can be removed from the team.
  • Finally, do not make excuses, but strive to improve and grow as a dancer. Ask for help if you need to practice.