About Our Team

2021 – 2022 Bellaire Belles Officers

Dance Officers


Bella M.

Lt. Colonel

Natalie F.


Laura C.


Morgan L.

Social Officers


Emma D.

Vice President

Caroline C.


Samantha W.


Caroline D.


Paris J.



Honor Corps

H – Natalia J. (Corporal)
O – Valeria S. (Private)
N – Amy P. (Private)
O – Chloe C.
R – Sydney F.

C – Ariana I.
O – Elizabeth B.
R – Pallavi G.
P – Hayleigh M.


Jackie A. (Corporal)
Cali T. (Private)
Paris J.
Madison E.

Valerie G.
Bra’una H.
Pranalisree R.
Isabella B.
Summer P.
Winter P.
Charisma J.
Sarah N.
Zoe T.
Avey G.

Team Motto: Discipline, Determination, Dedication and Responsibility

The Bellaire Belles serve and represent Bellaire High School and the local community by performing at football and basketball games, participating in competitions, and performing and volunteering at school and community events. Dancers learn teamwork, build strong positive attitudes, improve their personal fitness level, and form long-lasting friendships.

Belles are taught dance technique and a variety of dances styles, including pom, kick, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, military, and novelty. During the spring semester, Belles participate in competitions and our annual Spring Show. The Belles are one of the top dance teams in the Houston Independent School District and have received numerous awards at competitions.

The Bellaire Belles are directed by Cindi Denman and Leisha Kastner.


2020-2021 Bellaire Belles


2020-2021 Bellaire Belles Officers

Dance Officers

Colonel – Claire C.
Lt. Colonel – Megan G.
Major – Bella M.
Captain – Natalie F.
Captain – Jillian S.



Social Officers

President – Maddie N.
Vice Pres – Raina S.
Historian – Brianna R.
Secretary – Emma D.
Treasurer – Caroline C.


2020-2021 Bellaire Belles Honor Corps

H – Morgan L. – Corporal
O – Clarke F. – Private
N – Natalia J.
O – Laura C.
R – Sarah D.


C – Amy P.
O – Valeria S.
R –  Sydney F.
P – Hayleigh M.
S – Chloe C.
That’s – Ariana I.
US – Elizabeth B.


2020-2021 Bellaire Belles Cadets

Corporal – Joycelyn V.
Private – Paris J.
Private – Cazmyn R.
Members – Jackie A.
                    Madison E.
                    Brauna H.
                    Cali T.


2020-2021 Bellaire Belles Seniors