Tuesday, April 20th ~ Routine Posted on Website

Friday, April 23rd, Noon ~ Audition Video Due

Please upload your Most Recent Report Card & Complete the Online Application before Tuesday, April 20th.

You will receive an Audition Number when we receive your information

**If you have not received a tryout number, please email cdenman@houstonisd.org  ASAP**

WEAR Black Bottoms, Black Top, Jazz Shoes, and attach your Audition Number to your outfit for your final video.

Make sure your number can be seen in the video. (you can put it in the corner of the video if that works better)

Submit your tryout video by Friday.   Email to cdenman@houstonisd.org

Best of Luck!

Click HERE for application information

Complete the online application and upload report card HERE.

For more information – bellairebelles.org/belles-tryouts/

Questions?  EMAIL cdenman@houstonisd.org